We have a lot of experience in the field of customs regulations, thus the long-term cooperation with the Customs Administration allows us to quickly and efficiently submit customs declarations. If your business belongs to one of the following industries, if goods are similar to the one you import, there is a big possibility that we had already made customs clearance for those goods. Customs procedures abroad - depending on the parity on which you are ordering or selling goods, we are able to arrange customs formalities such as import / export customs, certification EX1, EUR1 document as well as the T1 documents for the shipment of large value.

Within the customs department we organize and offer services for all customs procedures:

  • ➠ Development of border documents
    ➠ Mediation on making demands for all kinds of inspection (sanitary, market, veterinary, psychopathological)
    ➠ Registration and storage of goods in a customs warehouse

  • ➠ Regular import / export
    ➠ Temporary import / export
    ➠ Making of the transit documents
    ➠ Customs clearance of the vehicle
    ➠ Re-export

  • ➠ CI Terminal Beograd
    ➠ CI Luka Beograd
    ➠ CI Aerodrom Beograd
    ➠ CI Dobanovci
    ➠ CI Ranžirna Stanica Novi Sad
    ➠ CI Luka Novi Sad
    ➠ CI Javna Skladišta Subotica
    ➠ CI Sremska Mitrovica


  • ➠ Auto-moto
  • ➠ Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • ➠ Metallurgical
  • ➠ Machines, tools and industrial equipment
  • ➠ Electronic equipment
  • ➠ Measuring equipment and tools
  • ➠ Textiles and clothing
  • ➠ Rubber and plastic
  • ➠ Wood
  • ➠ Construction
  • ➠ Graphic
  • ➠ Food