The main activity of the ENPEKS is an organization of complete logistic services (international transport, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution). In order to justify the epithet of the fastest growing logistics company in our region, ENPEKS plans to build its own state of the art logistics center as well as a supplement fleet. All investments are directed towards one goal - providing the best quality service to our customers. We are aware that only our own infrastructure contributes to improvement of our logistic services, and at the same time significantly reduces the costs of our clients, which essentially represent the very core of our business.

  • Each of our employees knows very well how much effort, resourcefulness and concentration it takes to carry out an item so that the head hurts neither the client, the carrier, the foreign partner, nor the customs service. Each document goes through five pairs of hands, each team member controls Each of our employees knows very well how much effort, resourcefulness and concentration it takes to carry out an item so that the head hurts neither the client, the carrier, the foreign partner, nor the customs service. Each item goes through five pairs of hands, each team member controls particular aspects of the documentation and thus minimizes the possibility of error. It is a true added value that we "graft" from the moment we are entrusted with the job. Although it is optimal for the client to accurately complete documentation, calculations of dimensions and cargo quantity, he respects time parameters - we still believe that the client is not obliged to know the finesse of transportation and export work and that life is wider than strict plans. That is why we are here to review every order and every document, suggest an revision, find an adequate transport solution in the shortest possible time and solve unforeseen circumstances in a cold blood.
  • The client needs to be completely unburdened in order to handle their core business. In the case of import, we announce to a foreign partner to check the date and time when the goods are ready, we comb and control the documentation, schedule the pick-up time, constantly inform the client during transit about the movement of the shipment and the time of arrival of the goods to the destination. If any problems arise during transit and problems occur almost daily, it is imperative that we solve the problems in real time. We like to say: what is difficult to solve right away, what is „impossible“ for us just takes some more time. Adverse situations range from shifting times of loading and unloading, meteorological and political situations, damage to goods, to migrants who are able to secretly break into a truck.
  • During the whole process there is almost no risk for clients at all. During transit, the carrier is responsible for the goods and under the CMR convention is virtually the owner of the goods, which means that he fully bears the risks during the transport of the goods. We only engage subcontracted partners with newer generation fleets, valid CMR insurance, knowledgeable and experienced drivers who can be on a par with every task when it comes to delivery times. There are many benefits, our main advantages are the following: tailor made solutions to our clients, we do not tailor our clients to the services we deliver, we tailor the service and additional services to the expectations and needs of clients. The advantage is that in our country all expectations can be fulfilled, of course, everything that can be completed within the limits of the legal and feasible. Our role is also to prevent and patiently overcome any possible misunderstanding that might otherwise arise between the contracting authority and the carrier, ie other players in the process. The job was completed only after all participants realized that the maximum was given in terms of organization and efficiency of transport. Further benefits are that our clients know that we do not only list them by number of shipments or by profit, we classify our clients by industries such as: auto-moto, pharmaceutical, construction, food, electronic equipment, graphic, wood industry, etc. Each importer or exporter belongs to a specific industry, which is characterized by specific packaging of goods, method of loading, method of manipulation of goods and, of course, a characteristic customs procedure. We are curious to find out everything that is specific to a particular type of goods and after the first tour we turn our knowledge into an internal rule of procedure for that client. The growth of the intellectual capital of the company has therefore been constant in the previous period, because we design a specific way of working for each client and for each type of goods.
  • A major turnaround in our logistics concept happened when we realized that we were not really selling the service to our customers, but our entire service, the overall effort that the well-trained team was making. After the procedure is completed, we often provide the client with a brief overview of what we have done, and as a rule, partners do not remain indifferent: they understand how much effort, conversations, and emails it took to get the job done and that we are a neat service to solve a series of problems. Our employees have been members of the collective for at least two years, and in doing so, we believe that we are achieving two major benefits: people are sufficiently trained and empowered to act independently, and partners have become accustomed to familiar service people finding solutions faster. If we do a rounded service, we follow the customs procedure on a hourly basis in order to imports meet the deadline agreed with the client. The priority is for the customer to know exactly when they will be able to place the goods for free circulation. It is a similar principle when exporting, it is often necessary to have a lot of conversations with foreign countries, in that sense fine and fluent command of languages, primarily English, is something without which current problems cannot be solved.
  • While logistics is one area where the frameworks of action are very rigid at first glance, we think the essence of this job is to take an "extra step" and handle unexpected situations in a resourceful way. We have procedures, many procedures, but we do not impose them on clients at all costs. We think that the most expensive words you can say to a client and thus cause his dissatisfaction are: "this is our procedure", "we are running out of time" or "we always do that way" so - please adapt to our way of working. Lightning-fast reaction and constant readiness, regardless of official working hours, is something that we have all come to terms with. If transports always took place according to predetermined rules, the role of the human factor would be minimal. We think that the fine and quick intervention of a highly skilled specialist is just what distinguishes routine service from extra service. This is what keeps clients engaged, which saves them time, keep them calm and justifies our role as mediator.

  • To offer the highest quality and most cost-effective service.

  • To be a synonym for a company that constantly sets higher standards in the field of complete logistics services by providing, creating and introducing new trends.

  • The values on which we develop our employees and nurture relationship with customers and partners are:

    Reliability - accuracy and always the same high level of dedication to the clients.
    Efficiency - agility and attention to detail in solving each case.
    Professionalism - we carefully listen the needs and requirements of our clients in order to meet them by creating solutions tailored to the specifics of the industries to which they belong.