Our sector of international transport offers and organizes transport of shipments by road, air and marine traffic. The focus of our business is on the road transport throughout Western and Eastern Europe, former countries of the Soviet Union, neighboring countries and Turkey. The fleet that we have on disposal consists of vehicles with a capacity of 1,200 to 24,000 kg. Thanks to the long-standing contracts with foreign and domestic subcontractors, we are able to organize transports with competitive prices and the fastest delivery times. For urgent deliveries and shipments, we are able to engage a double crew in order to comply with demanding deadlines.

Depending on the quantity of goods for transport we offer the following services:

  • Groupage transport means the transport of consignments that occupy less than full truck loads. This can be a shipment of one box or pallet or up to half of the truck's loading area. We offer a complete door-to-door service. We ship, transport and deliver your consignment, consolidated with other goods, according to already established trucks and arrivals.

  • We offer and organize cargo and full loads in all directions. The variety of equipment and vehicles allows us to respond to every request. Types of vehicles we have:

    ➠ standard tilt trailer trucks
    ➠ furgon
    ➠ mega
    ➠ road train
    ➠ ADR
    ➠ controlled temperature conditions from -18c to + 20c

  • All loads, whose dimensions and weights exceed the standard vehicles dimensions for transport, require the organization of oversized load transport. The transport of these heavy loads involves special equipment, permits and escorts. The oversized loads which we transfer are:

    ➠ parts of production plants of large dimensions
    ➠ boilers and tanks
    ➠ construction machinery
    ➠ metal structures
    ➠ transformers

Vehicle types - capacity:

  • Standard tilt trailer truck
    Capacity up to 24,000kg / 90m3 / 33ewp
  • Mega tilt trailer truck
    Capacities up to 24,000kg/100m3/33ewp of space
  • Road train truck
    Capacity 15,000-22,000kg / 120m3 / 36-38ewp
  • Solo trucks
    Capacity up to 3,200kg / 40m3 / 15ewp
  • Vans
    Capacity up to 1,200kg / 15m3 / 4ewp
  • Pick up vehicles
    Capacity up to 800kg / 1.5m3 / 1ewp

Direct, weekly groupage transports:

  • ➠ Germany and the Benelux countries
  • ➠ Italy
  • ➠ Spain and Portugal
  • ➠ United Kingdom
  • ➠ France
  • ➠ Poland
  • ➠ Czech and Slovakia
  • ➠ Austria and Switzerland
  • ➠ Hungary
  • ➠ Neighboring countries:
        ➠ Slovenia
        ➠ Croatia
        ➠ Bosnia and Herzegovina
        ➠ Montenegro
        ➠ Macedonia